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OPD Services

Pap smear with liquid-based cytology is a cervical cancer screening method. It involves collecting cervical cells, suspending them in a liquid medium, and analyzing for abnormalities. This technique enhances sample quality, reduces false negatives, and improves early detection of cervical abnormalities, guiding timely interventions.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create images of internal body structures. In medicine, it’s widely employed for pregnancy monitoring, diagnosing various conditions, and guiding procedures. Non-invasive and safe, ultrasound aids in visualizing organs, blood flow, and fetal development, aiding accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions. We also offer ultrasound services for abdomen, testis and prostate assessment […]

Pre-conceptional counseling assists couples planning pregnancy. Healthcare professionals provide guidance on nutrition, lifestyle, medical history, and potential risks. This empowers couples to optimize their health before conception, increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy and minimizing potential complications.

Genetic counseling offers expert guidance on inherited conditions. Genetic counselors interpret medical and family histories, provide risk assessments, and explain testing options. They empower individuals and families to make informed decisions regarding genetic health, reproductive choices, and managing hereditary conditions. We also provide extensive Genetic counseling for IVF patients providing insights into genetic risks associated […]

Provides specialized care for blood-related conditions. Hematologists diagnose and manage disorders like anemia, clotting disorders, leukemia, and lymphoma. Services encompass consultations, blood tests, bone marrow evaluations, and treatment plans tailored to improve blood health and overall well-being.

Offers specialized care for skin, hair, and nail conditions. Expert dermatologists diagnose and treat issues like acne, eczema, skin infections, and skin cancer. Services include consultations, treatments, and minor procedures to promote skin health and address cosmetic concerns.  

With experienced physician, we provide comprehensive medical care for a wide range of non-surgical health concerns. Patients receive diagnoses, treatments, and management plans for various medical conditions such as infections, chronic diseases, and general health check-ups. Skilled healthcare professionals offer consultations, prescriptions, and referrals as needed.

It involves regular medical assessments during pregnancy to monitor the health of both mother and baby. These appointments include physical exams, ultrasound scans, and screenings for any potential complications. They ensure optimal care and timely interventions for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  

We have experiences Gynae & Obs doctors who  offer medical care for women’s health needs. Services include routine check-ups, prenatal care, contraception, menstrual issues, and gynecological conditions. Expert healthcare providers offer consultations, screenings, and guidance for maintaining women’s well-being throughout different life stages.